How does Finaco operate? Once a client contacts us on our page and they accept a quote, an appointment will be arranged and clients will have a free initial 15-minute phone session. Depending on what package you pick, will determine exactly what the process will be and the associate will let you know what to expect. We have timed consultations via a webcam or phone with our clients and email all the presentation packages. Below is a summary of expectations for each package. Get a free quote today and let us save you money and help you grow your business!

How it Works

Our Services
Accounting & Bookkeeping
Personal Finances

• Business gives our accountant access to all accounts

• Accountant updates accounting transactions 

• Contacts business if there needs to be any clarification 

• Constructs  weekly/monthly P&Ls and distributes to business

• Pay monthly sales tax to the Georgia Tax Center (if applicable)

• Provide monthly expenses and sources of income

• Discuss financial goals

• Create a monthly and yearly budet

• Discuss debt obligations and how to eliminate them

• Find the best alternatives for financial success

Financial Analysis & Consulation
Payroll Services

• Financial Analyst reviews monthly P&Ls

• Breaks down each line item to identify cost savings opportunities

• Calculate key performance indicators to review financial health

• Prepares a sales forecast and a budget plan for the next month

• Identify strengths, threats, opportunities, and weaknesses to give company a competitive advantage

• Business gives checking account information to accountant

• Manager gives Accountant the amount of hours each employee worked

• Accountant pays employees via direct deposit

• Accountant pays quarterly withholding tax

• Maintains records of payroll related transactions for tax filings

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